Lot 19Abiding Acres Duke E9

Lot 19
Abiding Acres Duke E9

Duke is an impressive, masculine young bull who comes from hard to find old American genetics. He is an ET calf out of one of the most widely used Red Devon bulls in the 1980’s and a productive, good uddered, deep bodied 11 year old cow from one of the oldest...
Lot 20Abiding Acres Eleazar E6

Lot 20
Abiding Acres Eleazar E6

E6 is a polled young bull with a combination of Rotokawa, Tapuwae and American genetics. His dam is a phenotipically correct 9 year old cow. Name Abiding Acres Eleazar E6 Breed Red Devon Consignor Abiding Acres Farm Breeder Abiding Acres Farm Minimum Bid $3,000 Buy...
Lot 21Hillside Enoch E18

Lot 21
Hillside Enoch E18

At eleven years of age, Hillside Enoch’s dam is the oldest cow at Hillside Pastures—a modertely framed, 1200 pound cow, carrying her 9th calf. The dam has produced a calf at 373 day intervals while maintaining solid udder and feet. Enoch is HOMOZYGOUS...
Lot 22Hillside Kowman E10

Lot 22
Hillside Kowman E10

Hillside Kowman is another polled bull sired by Brookview Z61, the senior sire at Hillside Pastures. His dam came to Hillside from a Devon farm in South Carolina and that side of his pedigree is heavily influenced by Rotokawa genetics. And it shows in his deep ruby...
Lot 23Hillside Vaclav E8

Lot 23
Hillside Vaclav E8

Hillside Vaclav descends from some highly productive Devon that were purchased by Hillside Pastures from Brookview Farm in Kentucky. His pedigree features primarily American Devon; however, both his paternal great grandsire and maternal great grandsire are the...
Lot 24Abiding Acres Grant E10

Lot 24
Abiding Acres Grant E10

Grant is a product of embryo transfer and his pedigree includes an excellent combination of some of the best Red Devon genetics from around the world. His sire was an embryo import from Australia and his dam was one of the best cows from the Lenoir Creek herd with a...
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