Lot 1Rolling Meadows C52

Lot 1
Rolling Meadows C52

We are bringing you the world! New Zealand’s best (Rotokawa) on the Dam side. Australia’s (Tiranna) on the sire side. This bred heifer is a granddaughter of our legendary “Rosebud” foundation flush cow. If you are looking for width, depth, and...
Lot 2Abiding Acres Rosebud D1

Lot 2
Abiding Acres Rosebud D1

Rosebud D1 is a quality bred heifer sired by the 2015 Reserve Grand Champion bull. Her dam is one of the top cows at Abiding Acres Farm, she is a very wide phenotypically correct 9 year old cow who has had a calf every year. Rosebud is a combination of some of the...
Lot 3Eckstein’s Queen CA3

Lot 3
Eckstein’s Queen CA3

Looking for a foundation cow that can add a whole lot of top genetics to your herd , this heifer is a granddaughter of the 2014 Grand Champion Female ( Mary) one of our foundation flush cows. Her sire is one of the best bulls imported to the U.S. out of the Tirranna...
Lot 4Hillside Ella E11

Lot 4
Hillside Ella E11

The decision to sell Ella was difficult for several reasons. First, she is just a nice looking heifer. And her mother, Hillside Emma, is a distinctive seven year old cow that has knocked out a calf at 349 day intervals while maintaining great body condition and...
Lot 5Eckstein’s Fancy Girl E10

Lot 5
Eckstein’s Fancy Girl E10

Here is a heifer that lives up to her name,she is out of a dam with an excellent udder, with a unique pedigree. Her sire goes back to some of Rotokawa’s best. Here is a well built heifer that will quickly establish herself as a foundation cow in your herd. Help...
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