Percentage Devon Cows and Heifers

Percentage Devon Cows and Heifers 11 Percentage Red Devon cows available, 3-6 years old. 1/2 to 7/8ths Devon. All will be confirmed bred prior to sale. $1850-2250. 5 Percentage Devon open heifers, $1300-1500 Contact Sheldon Headings at 815-499-1332 or Email for more...
Lot 13Hidden-Vue Rosey U1

Lot 13
Hidden-Vue Rosey U1

U1 is a phenotipically correct Red Devon cow with great feet, width and depth of body. She is calving late this year due to being flushed. U1’s dam was still in production at age 14. A combination of some of the best American and Rotokawa genetics, U1 will make...
Lot 36Grassway 727

Lot 36
Grassway 727

727 is a moderate framed, feminine, deep bodied 1/2 Devon cow. She is bred back to a purebred bull and the vet has determined via ultrasound that she is carrying a heifer calf. Name Grassway 727 Breed % Devon Consignor Abiding Acres Farm Breeder Grassway Organics...
Lot 37VOM Rebekah X6

Lot 37
VOM Rebekah X6

Rebekah is a productive 50% Devon bred cow that has raised a calf every year. Good, growthy genetics for a grass-fed beef program without the price of purebred animals. She is currently bred back to a purebred Red Devon bull for a 75% Devon Calf. Name Vom Rebekah...
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