Terms & Conditions

2018 Upper Midwest Devon Exchange

Terms & Conditions

2019 Upper Midwest Devon Exchange

  • Lot numbers. Each animal consigned to the sale will be assigned a lot number, which will be posted in the official sale catalog.
  • Order of Sale. The order in which cattle are sold will be at the discretion of the Auctioneer and Sale Manager and will not have any necessary relationship to the lot number.
  • Announcements. Announcements made sale day will take precedence over all information provided in the sale catalog, on the internet, or in any printed material.
  • Viewing Cattle. Potential buyers are invited to view all cattle at Lancaster Co Fairgrounds, Lancaster, WI on Saturday April 6th after 8:00 AM. Arrangements to view cattle prior to April 6th can be made directly with consignors.
  • Settlement of disputes. Cattle meeting reserve price will sell to the highest bidder with all disputes being settled by the auctioneer.
  • Telephone Bids. Off-site bidders may contact David Fell at 262-949-5777 or email to make arrangements for remote bidding.
  • Risk of Loss. The risk of loss or injury to the cattle remains with the consignor until the moment of sale, at which time the risk is transferred to the buyer.
  • Transfer of ownership. The official transfer of ownership of cattle registered with Red Devon USA from the consignor to the buyer is the responsibility of the consignor.
  • Payment for cattle. Payment for cattle will be made directly to consignors. Buyers participating in the sale are responsible for making full payment for cattle at the conclusion of the sale and before leaving the sale site using one of the following options:


Cashier’s Check

Letter of Credit. Personal and business checks will be accepted provided 1) the check is accompanied by an official Letter of Credit from the buyer’s bank referencing the Upper Midwest Devon Exchange and stating the credit limit; and 2) the check amount does not exceed the limit shown on the bank letter of credit.

Unsecured personal check. Personal and business checks will be accepted with the understanding that, unless the consignor agrees in writing, the cattle will remain at the sale site until the check has cleared the bank

Conference call purchases.   Buyers who purchase cattle over the telephone must provide full payment by wire transfer or cashier’s check within 10 days of sale.

Any other payment type must be arranged with consignor.

  • Transport of cattle. No cattle will leave the sale site until full payment has been received under one of the above purchase options.
  • Health certificate. Consignor will provide a routine Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) documenting the official animal ID and meeting requirements for the state of Wisconsin. Buyers are responsible for additional or special testing that might be required by the buyer’s home state.
  • Holding of cattle. Buyers of cattle are responsible for removing cattle from the sale barn on the day of the sale. Buyers of cattle that do not have ability to remove them on the day of the sale will have the option of having them held by one of the UMDE sponsors and for those services the buyer will be charged a flat fee of $100 to cover the cost of hauling, insurance, and boarding. Cattle left for more than 72 hours will be assessed an additional fee of $4.00 per head per day.
  • Trucking. Transportation of cattle is the buyers responsibility. Arrangements for trucking options can be made with consignors.
  • Indemnification. Buyer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Upper Midwest Devon Exchange, its members, employees and host farms in all matters arising from or related to the sale of any animal.

Auctioneer – Sheldon Headings – 815-499-1332 – email

WI Auctioneer License Number: 2995-52

Sale Manager – David Fell – 262-949-5777 – email

Host Farms

Abiding Acres Farm, Delavan, WI — David Fell
262-949-5777 — send email
4997 Town Hall Road Delavan, WI 53115

Eckstein Devons, Bellevue, IA — Sheldon Headings
815-499-1332 — send email

Hillside Pastures, Spring Green, WI — Daniel Marquardt
608-588-5367 — send email

Rolling Meadows Devon, Bellevue, IA — Jamie Hostetler
815-718-1100 — send email

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