Lot 1Rolling Meadows C52

Lot 1
Rolling Meadows C52

We are bringing you the world! New Zealand’s best (Rotokawa) on the Dam side. Australia’s (Tiranna) on the sire side. This bred heifer is a granddaughter of our legendary “Rosebud” foundation flush cow. If you are looking for width, depth, and...
Lot 3Eckstein’s Queen CA3

Lot 3
Eckstein’s Queen CA3

Looking for a foundation cow that can add a whole lot of top genetics to your herd , this heifer is a granddaughter of the 2014 Grand Champion Female ( Mary) one of our foundation flush cows. Her sire is one of the best bulls imported to the U.S. out of the Tirranna...
Lot 4Hillside Ella E11

Lot 4
Hillside Ella E11

The decision to sell Ella was difficult for several reasons. First, she is just a nice looking heifer. And her mother, Hillside Emma, is a distinctive seven year old cow that has knocked out a calf at 349 day intervals while maintaining great body condition and...
Lot 5Eckstein’s Fancy Girl E10

Lot 5
Eckstein’s Fancy Girl E10

Here is a heifer that lives up to her name,she is out of a dam with an excellent udder, with a unique pedigree. Her sire goes back to some of Rotokawa’s best. Here is a well built heifer that will quickly establish herself as a foundation cow in your herd. Help...
Lot 6Hillside Meadow E12

Lot 6
Hillside Meadow E12

Hillside Meadow is the only HOMOZYGOUS polled heifer available from Hillside in 2018. So, because all of her offspring will be polled, she would be the one to expose to your distinctive Devon bull that happens to have horns. Furthemore, she comes with a textbook Devon...
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